Decided to launch a new blog that is more focused by name to the material I post and maybe easier to remember.   “Gear” to indicate all forms of gadgets and tech, and “LK” to indicate where I am located which is Sri Lanka.

Who am I?

By profession I am into software engineering and architecture, but from my early post graduate days I got hooked up with the hardware side of technology that started off with PCs, and then gradually moved to mobile phones, tablets, wearables and home tech that I found useful or interesting.

While an avid reader of popular tech sites, forums, magazines to keep myself inline with trends, being able to use and experience has proven to be the greatest learning and thrill.  My voyages time permitting are what I share on this blog in the form of details reviews, or user experiences.

My longer standing craze, from my childhood days has been automobiles.  Economies in my country and personal financial priorities has reduced my ability to keep rotating my vehicles as I did during my younger days, but I try to compensate that with feedback and personal quick rides of vehicles owned by my colleagues to supplement my reading of Autocar, AutoExpress, TopGear, TopCar, WhatCar, MotorTrend, CandAndDriver, RoadAndTrack……………. magazines 🙂

My stories and reviews prior to this gearlk can be found at